'It was all about Venice, 2017'

'Island, 2017'

Dinaya Waeyaert, Personal Collection

master beeldende kunsten - fotografie

‘For the ones who are not included (sorry)’

The image as a personal document is something that has always fascinated me. With my series called Personal Collection I explore the concept of time and memory between friends and relationships that alters through the years.

As a photographer I let the viewer into my intimate world without being part of it myself. You can see my presence in the role of voyeur, making images that represent moments of connection with my subject. Intimacy between lovers and friends are often shared in private, away from the gaze of outsiders, while I love to put this all out on display. The tender and affectionate is showed in a raw and explosive way.

I always photograph on 35mm colorfilm with two different camera’s.


Mentoren / Mentors
Kempenaers Jan
Kouba Bart