Delphine Wylin,

bachelor digital design and development

Our project is in collaboration with Samsonite, they launched the Ibon collection in 2021. Their goal is to bring this suitcase into the spotlight and find an audience to match it. Through our extensive research, we came up with a user experience where you can discover the benefits of the suitcase. By taking a journey with the Ibon suitcase, you will learn how it works and why this is the suitcase of the future. With our social media campaign “Expect Innovation” we want to trigger people to visit the website to try out the suitcase without physically seeing it. Throughout the various chapters, we encourage people to experience the suitcase for themselves. Because we show videos through the process, it is easier to visualise it. We would like to launch our web-based experience in shops and online to increase the knowledge of buyers and sellers.