David Borg, are you dreaming in the real world?

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Mekhitar Garabedian
Bambi Ceuppens

If a scene were to unfold around me, a vista of peace. A Snoozy dream. That animal slumber state, not awake but aware of some clunking sounds in the hallway, the birds talking, the tram passing by the window. My senses can take in this goings on without really waking up, lulled into a comfort of the familiar.

A scene unfolds, a sunset in view, the lake gentle in the foreground and sand gently jutting out into a water, in a form that only takes place from above -I would keep my eyes closed, but underneath my seat as I am crosslegged, legs relaxed and flexible, lotus pose, sitting like I know I just learnt it but projecting a life long comfort with my body to those around me – I would feel the sand encroaching on all my crevices, shaping to my form like memory foam wish it could –

sinking In to a comfortable customised ass print, feeling the salty air whick on my face – do we all have these sensory fantasies that don’t pertain to logic? Our collective reptilian brain, or some sort of lost sense that we now don’t even know what is was – sensory cravings for peace and organisation – or maybe its incredibly human? It feels better in my mind than it does in words