Curatorial Studies, Class of 2021

postgraduaat curatorial studies


Marion Adrian
Sophia Attigui
Margot Bossy
Sofie Frederix
Nathan Ishar
Martina Matarazzo
Ahn Sungyoon
Ekaterina Vorontsova
Julie Wyckaert



Work by Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Elen Braga, Che Go Eun, Laura Puska, Robert Soroko, Anya Tsyrlina & Sid Iandovka, Philippe Vandenberg, Sophie Varin, Bert Villa.

Window presentation 09.07 – 16.07.2021
Gates open on Saturday, 17 July, from 12.00 to 21.00

Location: KANAL – Centre Pompidou, Brussels
Curated by Curatorial Studies at KASK & Conservatorium

Gates (might) open soon explores the socio-cultural phenomenon of the festival and its various manifestations. Traditionally understood as celebrations that include rituals and ceremonies, festivals also question social hierarchies and produce ephemeral communities based on sharing. Offering both escapism and liberation, festivals open the gates to a flow of emotions, revealing the sensual, spontaneous, and even darker sides of human nature.

The exhibition unfolds at KANAL – Centre Pompidou, the showroom area of the former Citroën garage. Reflecting on festivals that remain inaccessible to the public and referring to a constant state of suspension, the venue remains closed while using the windows as the mediator for this exhibition. These windows transform the exhibition space into an open, yet enclosed public space, turning every passer-by into a voyeur of sorts. The feeling of anticipation created by the eight-days window presentation will find its release with the opening of the ‘gates’ on the last day of the exhibition. Revealing the artworks in their complexity and providing a space for shared experience, the finissage of the exhibition thus becomes a moment of gathering and celebration for the visitors, participating artists and curators.

Gates (might) open soon is curated by the graduates of Curatorial Studies at KASK & Conservatorium: Marion Adrian, Sungyoon Ahn, Sophia Attigui, Margot Bossy, Sofie Frederix, Martina Matarazzo, Nathan Pramudiya Ishar, Ekaterina Vorontsova, Yimeng Wang, Julie Wyckaert.

Curatorial Studies is a postgraduate programme at KASK & Conservatorium / HOGENT and Howest in collaboration with Ghent University and the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent (S.M.A.K.).

2019 went down in history as a year of global protests against global warming, exploitation and environmental destruction. These protests were largely led by the ‘millennials’, young people who are concerned about the world they have to grow up in and are calling for ecological awareness. The protests now seem already long ago and threaten to sink into oblivion, but where can these young people turn with their concerns? In this second year of a global pandemic, leaving the building and going out seems to have become more important than ever.
With Garden Happenings we ask ourselves which role an art academy like ours can take in handling these concerns, drawing from the lessons we can learn from the open spaces surrounding the Bijloke. How can we structurally embed the garden and its multispecies ecologies in our School of Arts? Can the garden become a source of inspiration; a reminder to responsibly consider our environmental impact and extend our knowledge about nature and ecology? Can the garden become a studio: a place for learning and unlearning?
Garden Happenings invites the many islanders of KASK & Conservatory to leave the comfort zone of their studios. In the open spaces of the garden, we can meet each other, exchange knowledge and learn.
Garden Happenings is an initiative of the postgraduate curatorial studies icw master Fine Arts, landscape and garden architecture, and interior design.