Constance Proux, Unhappy is the land ...

master beeldende kunsten - fotografie

« “Unhappy is the land that breeds no hero” No, Andrea: “Unhappy is the land that needs a hero”. » (Bertold Brecht, Galileo, 1938.)

Who are these young men who fought against the French Revolution in 1793 in the Vendée ? While they are considered as traitors and reactionary royalists on one side – the winner’s side of history – they are for others, the heroic rebels who led a popular rebellion against the abolition of religion and the massive conscription.
How do you remember your heroes, when they are on the wrong side of history, the losing side ? Through a reenactment process, this work questions the memory of the “losers” and its revival today.


This is a collaborative project realised with Clémentine Bart, Maxime Gourdon, Philippine Proux, Virgile Reuss and all the models fom Vendée.
McCloud in the Prologue and Pierre Gondrona as architect advisor.
Simon Malotaux as perpetual advisor.

Mentoren / Mentors
Koubaa Bart
Pinckers Max