Clara Jost, Cosas bonitas y un par de tragedias

master audiovisuele kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Jasper Rigole
Anouk Declercq
Stoffel Debuysere

Cosas bonitas y un par de tragedias is an audiovisual poem that investigates the possible links between death and travel, through the juxtaposition of two types of “goodbye”. The film was made by collecting images captured in 16mm film and sound recordings, both deriving from the lives of two people. Then the collection was organized, and the significance of the found elements appeared.


Director’s statement

Cosas bonitas y un par de tragedias was born, primarily, out of a desire to include chance in the process of cinematographic creation, a desire for the procedure to be like that of life itself. I decided to use 16mm film as a medium because of its fragility and preciousness: every image would be somehow important and unique. I met Manu and Zarah and the film started to be built around their magnetic friendship. For more than one year we filmed scenes, more or less 6min every 2 months. The idea was to collect ‘precious’ elements and, then, when somehow it would be clear that nothing more was needed, start to create the final work. This was made by respecting the essence of the elements and organizing them most organically and naturally possible. The film, then, became naturally less about the real identities of Manu and Zarah, and more about something else. The idea of goodbye and how travel and death can have a lot in common.


Cinematography Clara Jost

Sound Clara Jost

Editing Clara Jost

Music Paco Moreno

Cast Emmanuel Dante Barnabeu, Zarah van Eenoo




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