Clara Francken, Travel Your Way / an alternative guide

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme

Travel Your Way | an alternative guide is a YouTube series for which Clara Francken asked herself the question: “How can we travel differently?” For every topic she interviewed travelers who are experienced in a specific field.

Taking a look at mass tourism and the amount of flights taken on a daily basis, Clara aims to influence herself and others to discover alternative ways of traveling. This project was made during the Covid-19 pandemic, which highlights how relevant and important it is to take another look at the global travel behaviour. To realise her project during these times, she recorded her Zoom calls and used mostly visual footage which already existed.

Clara discusses topics as cargo ship travels, hitchhiking, biking, rowing, couchsurfing, house sitting… To get a better understanding, she goes into conversations with travelers she met online, listens to their stories and asks for concrete tips on how to have an optimal experience. There is no feeling of judging those who don’t travel in an alternative way, these videos are rather an open space to discuss different travel topics.

This series is being posted on her YouTube channel Clara Francken and can be found in the playlist Travel Your Way | an alternative guide. You can also find her on Instagram @clarafrancken_photography and contact her through DM.