Chiara Canullo Stefanelli, I am the emotional support animal of my emotional support animal

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Heleen Sintobin

I haven’t adopted Yüna any more than she adopted me. Neither of us was doing great, when we met. Then, we slowly got better, thanks to each other’s presence, amongst other things. Our co-habitation, as much as any other, is a project in itself. A challenge, a learning process. A work in progress.

It occurred to me that we could – and in fact, are – shaping and influencing each other equally. Once I started paying more attention to those dynamics, I allowed myself to be more permeable. 


In an effort not to romanticize the non-human nor to give definitive answers, I seek to present an alternative to what we know about relationships.