Charlotte Vercruysse, Delicate Movements

master audiovisuele kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Martine Huvenne
Geert Belpaeme

A journey where I search, together with my grandmother and an acrobat, to the meaning of understanding each other through movements and touch. What is it like to be moved, what moves me, and what can we tell with our bodies when there are no more words.


This experience gave me a different look on care, communication and acrobatics.

“With three we walk down the corridor. We hold on to each other, step by step we go forward. The stride is slow, Grandma leads the pace. Grandpa steers the stride, walking backwards and looking around his shoulder to see which direction we are going. He looks back at Grandma and me. My hands are under Grandma’s armpits and her back leans against my torso. We walk together, from the bedroom to the living room.”