Camille Le Meur, Oscillation in sculpture : Ambiguity about the status, function, manner of appearance and existence of a work, in discussion with architecture and design.

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Philip Metten
Hans Theys
Honoré d'O


I take forms, elements, and architectural fragments, with which I come to draw spaces to accommodate semblances of furniture. The latter, unlike their models whose main quality is solidity and durability, are ephemeral and fragile. My works are assemblages that I build and then deconstruct. The moments of dismantling a work are crucial for me: I reuse the materials of my works, so that they end up carrying in them the trace of different existences. My materials have a direct evocation to the domesticity since they are often tablecloths, fabrics having vocations to be curtains, or food papers.
In this way, I question our relationship to the habitat and the object. I question the ambiguity of their status, their functions, their ways of appearing and existing in different contexts through the work of art.
I tend to think that transient, transformable solutions are more eloquent than fixed, grounded constructions. I adhere to the designer Erwan Bouroullec’s thought about a “squatter of architecture”. In a similar position, Andréa Branzi also inspires me when he states that the hybridization of architecture and object is a form more adapted to our contemporary life models: his creations are attempts to subvert the existing categories allowing to reconnect man to his habitat in a poetic way. My approach is similar.