Bent Stevens,

bachelor digital design and development

Wilde Westen is an event organizer based in Kortrijk. Every year they organise a lot of different events and one of them is DAK. This event is located on the roof of venue de Kreun and takes place during the Sinksen.

But there is a problem. Only 150 people can be on the roof at the same time, and since the people turning up exceeds this number, a line forms downstairs. The challenge for me was to entertain the attendees via a digital product. The solution? An interactive karaoke.

The experience was designed to be engaging and interactive. That’s why I chose to make motion visuals displayed on projectors to enhance the overall experience. While waiting you can vote on a wide selection of songs via an app on your phone and sing along while enjoying the dynamic visuals. The project was meant to be accessible and user-friendly, with easy-to-follow instructions displayed on screen to guide participants through the process. After each song, 4 random songs out of this wide selection will be displayed and the people can vote on their favourite one. The song with the most votes after 30 seconds will be queued next.

The motivation behind the karaoke project was to lighten the mood and create a fun and festive atmosphere for attendees while they waited. Singing is a well-known activity that can lift people’s spirits and bring a sense of joy and celebration, and I wanted to use that to create a positive and enjoyable experience.