we are inside the crusts

Arzu Saglam, sounDing/4 phases of de-knowing

European Postgraduate of Arts in Sound

sounDing / 4 phases of de-knowing is a performed sound installation segmented in four acts. The work is inspired by Bettina Wohlfender’s Das Observatorium in which two scientists observe a volcano. They meticulously study their surroundings whilst recollecting their personal history. Meanwhile this is all whiff to wind and volcano. The volcano becomes my object of tension and the perfect antagonist, as its erratic being is hard to grasp. The work becomes an epistemological quest. We dive through the longing to stay human and yet become entirely volcano. With recorded, digitally arranged and performed sounds, animations and simple electronic elements, I investigate the four phases of de-knowing how they construct and decay.


Martin Parker, Rebecca Glover, Nurten Oylas