Anisha Houbaer, The Book of Vibes

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme
Book of Vibes

My first friends book, the inspiration for my digital friendsbook 'The Book of Vibes'

The book of vibes is an online digital friends book where people can, like in a real friends book, leave drawings with messages. This to bring back the power of the positive message and to show more togetherness and positivity.

Who has ever had a friends book before? A book that was circulated around the classroom so classmates could leave a drawing or a message for you.

One day Anisha, who from childhood always had been fascinated by illustrations, got one of those books. At an early age she was already drawing figures from magazines to get better. However, at that time she didn’t realize that this book was a collective of the most beautiful, nostalgic memories she would ever possess. A book full of drawings from the past.

Those times are over now. We are up to date through our social media, where we only share articles, critique, watch videos and edit photos. That, too, was one of the driving forces behind the creation of ‘The Book of Vibes’. In collaboration with her programmer Jorre Heuts, Anisha designed an online platform where people can leave a drawing. A modern, digital version to emulate the experience of the authentic book of friends. The concept of ‘The Book of Vibes’ emphasizes positive messages in association with illustrations. It’s not about being good at drawing, but about spreading love and togetherness. Something we can use in times of lockdown.

Although unfortunately we can’t reproduce the old-fashioned atmosphere of the physical book, nor the transmission system, we make use of the advantages associated with a digital platform. ‘The Book of Vibes’ is a minimalistic website that can easily be forwarded. As a result, the range will be larger and the content will be more versatile. As in a real book, one can also digitally browse through the drawings and read all the ‘vibes’ that people have uploaded.