Aline Pandora

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Paul Casear
Lars Kwakkenbos

Also known as Aline Pandora.
I mostly paint portraits of my friends, family, and myself. I have people pose for me while I take pictures of them with a digital camera, in these cases I set the scene. Although sometimes I like to paint from snapshots taken with my phone or an analog camera, and the selection of pictures happens naturally. I paint with oil paint on canvas and panel. Even though I start creating my paintings from pictures I don’t focus on transferring the image as truthfully as possible to the canvas. After a while I drop the pictures and make decisions based on what looks ‘good’ in just the painting. I like to highlight and accentuate certain features that stand out to me. I like to divide different areas and have them contrast each other, and I also incorporate some graphic elements from time to time. This way different shapes and surfaces come into being and a painting becomes more than ‘just’ a portrait; you can read it in a different way.


Hot Girl Summer


Medusa I


Lingerie II

Lingerie I (zelfportret)