Alina Ozerova, What constellation is a feathered animal?

European Postgraduate of Arts in Sound

My artistic practice is based on image and sound. Through these media I explore the dimensions of ‘journey’ as narrative structure and physical experience. I am particularly curious about involuntary movements, forced travels, and restrained routes of bodies and voices.

This project is a sound installation for multiple speakers. It sets off the exploration of involuntary trajectories that birds’ voices and movements take.

Looking into the aspects of nature soundscape and orchestration of chaos I sample the birds’ errors and create a field of vibrations and tremors. Uncontrollable wings and calls are treated as automated electronic signals.

A grid of custom-made speakers enables our visual perception, sense of time and distance as integral elements of a sonic experience.


Vitaly Ozerov

Mentoren / Mentors
Kuhn Hans Peter
Huvenne Martine